We've all experienced going to the grocery store and finding produce that we decide not to buy because it's either too mushy or it has gone bad. Can you imagine the amount of food waste there is? A product the size of a sugar packet could be part of the solution.

"Hazel Technologies makes a biodegradable item that extends the shelf life of produce — grapes, avocados, mangoes — by releasing a chemical compound known as an ethylene inhibitor, which helps control aging for fresh fruits and vegetables. The product, can be tossed into a crate of produce and help extend shelf life by as much as three times the normal duration."

By extending the life of shelf life on produce, the percentage of food waste can be significantly reduced. No one like a mushy avocado, and bringing the solution to retail level could really have a positive impact.

Photo credit: Hazel™ for Mango from Hazel Technologies

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