It’s been said that most innovation has already been made, yet this is far from the truth. While modern day trading is impressive with all it’s systems, changes, political conflicts and logistical issues, technology continues to innovate by helping every stakeholder in the process have a more transparent and efficient way to do business.

Stratecution is what we call the strategy for execution which in turn pivots the next strategy with the analysis of the data shown in the outcome of the first strategy. This becomes interesting when data analysis is combined with trading strategy. For marketing, logistics, branding, and a correct timing of the market we can get pretty close to what the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States proposed in their 1994 paper, Technology and Trade. In it, we discover how Grossman and Helpman talk about learning by doing and R&D lead innovation.

With Musubi, trade stakeholders will now have access to both the learning by doing data analysis we provide and the R&D we offer through our consulting services to have better timing of the market.

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