How will life be post Covid-19? This crisis has brought along millions of consequences,  whether sanitary, economic, social or political, and has touched every single individual differently. However, despite the negative aspects we must also understand and rely on the big opportunities lying ahead. We need to emphasize the importance of online (vs offline) and the help this will bring to businesses, from small to big. Some companies like Facebook and Faire are launching online services (see bookmarks below) to provide proper tools to small business to keep them alive.

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31% Of Small Businesses Have Stopped Operating Amid Coronavirus: Sheryl Sandberg Shares How Facebook’s Latest Product Aims To Help
Facebook out with their new State of Small Business survey on how businesses are faring amidst the ongoing pandemic as well as how their new e-commerce product, Facebook Shops, can help.
Faire Launching Virtual Trade Shows To Help Keep Local Stores Alive
Faire, the online marketplace, is offering an alternative to trade shows, with tools for virtual presentations and one-on-one virtual sales meetings.